tough times don't last, tough people do

i’ve got hella cramps rip

Had a Bad Day


I get a ton of asks with people seeking advice on how to cheer themselves up after a rough day. People seem to see me as a bubble of pure positive energy (something I strive for), and while that may be relatively true, I also love more than just the emotion of happiness. One of my favorites is sadness. In the moment, that emotion doesn’t feel great, but what I love about it is how grounded it makes me feel. It shows so many things about myself and the world in a different perspective. 

I think what I’m trying to say is that when your down it’s not about bringing yourself back up right away. I don’t think it’s healthy to just bounce back to happiness and try to pretend things aren’t bothering you. It’s important to feel that sadness, accept it, own it, and then move past it. Cry for hours if that’s what you need, but also don’t sulk in it. 

For me, when I’m really down, I like to curl up alone in bed or on the couch and watch Lion King or a TV show I really like. I spend that time thinking about why I’m sad and get all those tears out. Then I focus my energy on things that make me happy. I like to go play Ultimate Frisbee. For me, nothing makes me happier.

So I guess my advice to bringing yourself up after a bad day is as follows (in handy dandy bullet form):

  • Find a safe place, preferably alone. Hang out in said place and evaluate what is making you sad and own the sadness. Cry as much as need.
  • Do something you love (sometimes best if still in your safe place).

we’re gonna go look at the inside of the house on monday yeeaaaah


the house is still for sale yesssss

woooo tmi

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i just spent a solid half hour talking with chandler about moving

ugh i’m getting way too attached to the idea of moving into a house that may not even be for sale anymore

i really wish my stepdad would’ve called the realtor about it earlier

we actually ended up going and looking at a house ??????

it was niiice though, nothing super amazing, it was just y’know comfortable!

we’re not super sure that it’s actually for sale though because there weren’t any indications that it was still for sale at the house so someone may have already snagged it, but hopefully not.

chandler and my mom are looking at houses on the internet and it bums me out because the chances of us moving any time soon is super slim

hopefully we will get out of this house before the year is over though

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