tough times don't last, tough people do

And awake again with a headache this time.

And so I wake up a couple hours later unnerved because off a dream NICE!


happy cat


happy cat

I found an albino fawn in the dream I had before waking up an hour or so ago. I held it for a while and it just kind of bounced around me when I ended up putting it back down.

Wonder if there’s any significance to that.

Not that I really believe in dreams having any significance to life but it’s fun to read up on, kinda like horoscopes.

Old high school friends that I haven’t talked to since graduating keep popping up in my dreams and it’d be pretty chill if they just didn’t.

family: you need to eat something
family: no not that you'll get fat
family: you have a great body!
family: if you didn't eat so much fast food you could still fit your old clothes
family: it's late you should get some rest
family: you just sleep your day away get up and do something with yourself
family: you're bored? go out for a walk, it's a nice day!
family: you're going for a walk??? is this real life???
family: you're beautiful just the way you are!
family: ew your face is breaking out again, here use these harmful products then you'll be beautiful again
family: I know you're faking sick but I'll let you slide
family: you have a 107° temperature?? lmao nice try you're going to school
family: you're such a smart kid!
family: a D??? you know better!!!
family: why do you hate us so much??
family: what did we ever do to you
family: oh my god i am so offended right now
family: we don't even know who you are anymore
family: all we've ever done is love and support you
family: i don't understand you

yeah i don’t want to hear ken talk about depression i really wish that video would stop popping on my dash

gayitunes replied to your post: “porn blog just followed my main like can you not”:
i probably have at least 40+ milf blogs following me tbh

i usually block the few that i get but i can’t be bothered with this one

porn blog just followed my main like can you not

i really wish people would stop tagging me in those posts that are like “say ten facts about yourself and tag other people !!!” or sending me those kind of asks because 99% of the time i just don’t fucking want to do it and then i feel bad about it like i appreciate that they would think to tag me with it especially when it’s like “tag your favorite bloggers” but i just


want to do them

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