tough times don't last, tough people do

Annnnd, not getting that house.

Onto the next, again.

i feel like those posts make me sound sad or bummed out but i’m not really

annoyed (at myself) would be more accurate

i hate when my sleep schedule gets flipped like this, i sleep all day and spend all night by myself with nothing to do and not talking to anyone and it just leaves me to think

my head hurts and i’m thinking too much cool cool cool

i just woke up from a dream where i was seduced by a business woman i’m—

tbh it was kind of awesome to go look at a house and have a real estate agent who was super into their job and came fuckin prepared like she had these little booklets made w/ everything about the house in them and she was super nice and enthusiastic like usually the people we’ve dealt with when looking at houses have been old white dudes that played up the “talking man to man" bullshit to my stepdad

mumbling about a house

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i just saw one of those “imagine your icon” posts on my dash that used “he/she/it” like twenty fuckin times like how god damn hard is it to just use “they”……………

Every now and then I think back to this guy I knew through a friend in high school and how rad he was and I’m bummed that I didn’t really get to know him better than I did and that we didn’t stay in touch. Like we used to chat on a regular basis and we shared a lot of interests like we both really really loved Dexter at the time, hell he even greeted me one time by recreating a scene from the episode that had been on the night before and it was super adorable. He has a tumblr but I’d feel super weird trying to chat him up again. It’s been years since we’ve spoken, I dunno if he’d even remember me. Plus I’ve changed so much since then, he probably has as well.

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