tough times don't last, tough people do

my sister still hangs around my ex apparently

Tips To Cope with Over-thinking


Many of you asked me how to deal with over-thinking so I asked you guys back about it and some of your tips for dealing with it. I’ve based this short article on many of your responses and hope that it helps in some ways. 

How would you define over thinking? 

Even though we each have our own experiences, I think this captures the essence of your responses of what over thinking is:

Over thinking is when we think too much about something especially a problem causing us to lose sight of the big picture. Often times, we may find ourselves thinking too much to the point that we become delusional, complicating a problem,  creating a problem that is not there, or/and making ourselves feeling anxious and worried. Over thinking also causes us not to be able to enjoy a normal experience.

Here are some tips to deal with over thinking: 

1. Distraction. We can distract ourselves away from the thoughts. For example, by listening to music, going out, watching a movie, working on a project or hobby, or going to sleep or on Tumblr. There are many ways to distract ourselves and distraction seems to be the most effective and easiest way to help. However, the down side is distraction does not help in the long term. The thing you are worried about with your thoughts are still there. The only thing distraction helps in my opinion is it buys you time to let the problem pass. 

2. Letting go of your thoughts. This point was brought up by one of you to my inbox and I find it really ingenious and valid. Often times when we over think, we are also most likely keeping the problems to ourselves or working through them alone in our head. If we instead, share the thoughts with other people or write them down in a journal, we ‘may’ be able to let go of those thoughts temporarily off our head. In my opinion, if this works for you, it is a much better tip than distraction, because you are dealing with the problem and not avoiding it. This may help you reach a compromise or peace with your thoughts. The down side of this is that it may end up being a waste of time, because the problems you are thinking about may not be real. You may be thinking too much when it’s not even something you should worry about. 

3. Find a balance between the above two approaches. Over thinking may be there for a reason. It may be there to help us solve a real problem and our brain is working hard to fix it. If you feel the problem is valid, then trying to work through your thoughts may be the best approach. If you feel the problem is not there or that you’re possibly over thinking, then you may consider just distracting yourself (until things work out on their own or when you find more leads to your problem). 

None the less, over thinking is an exhausting process and dealing with it is not easy at all. Overthinking may be there as an adaptive mechanism. It makes you smarter so you can work through a problem to avoid it. It may also be excessive and harmful when it becomes a habit and prevents you from enjoying your self. None the less, hope the above tips helped in some ways. Feel free to leave me a message

so my stepdad went and looked at the house today and talked to the realtor about it a bit and he likes it so we’re all going to go look at it on friday and if my mom decides that she wants to go for it my stepdad’s going to put in a bid for it

really shouldn’t be eating nerds or drinking coke while all crampy but i keep doing it anyways

his cover is pretty good though

"oh hey ronan keating covered i hope you dance i like that song!"

"oh hey my grandmother loved that song too!!"

[immediate weeping]

i’ve got hella cramps rip

Had a Bad Day


I get a ton of asks with people seeking advice on how to cheer themselves up after a rough day. People seem to see me as a bubble of pure positive energy (something I strive for), and while that may be relatively true, I also love more than just the emotion of happiness. One of my favorites is sadness. In the moment, that emotion doesn’t feel great, but what I love about it is how grounded it makes me feel. It shows so many things about myself and the world in a different perspective. 

I think what I’m trying to say is that when your down it’s not about bringing yourself back up right away. I don’t think it’s healthy to just bounce back to happiness and try to pretend things aren’t bothering you. It’s important to feel that sadness, accept it, own it, and then move past it. Cry for hours if that’s what you need, but also don’t sulk in it. 

For me, when I’m really down, I like to curl up alone in bed or on the couch and watch Lion King or a TV show I really like. I spend that time thinking about why I’m sad and get all those tears out. Then I focus my energy on things that make me happy. I like to go play Ultimate Frisbee. For me, nothing makes me happier.

So I guess my advice to bringing yourself up after a bad day is as follows (in handy dandy bullet form):

  • Find a safe place, preferably alone. Hang out in said place and evaluate what is making you sad and own the sadness. Cry as much as need.
  • Do something you love (sometimes best if still in your safe place).

we’re gonna go look at the inside of the house on monday yeeaaaah


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