tough times don't last, tough people do

Anonymous asked: Just dress entirely in black and if any children come up pretend to be a witch and say you'll cook them in your oven if they don't run away. Then when they do go away run and grab food for like a month and run back up into your room and don't come out.

this would work if my mother didn’t call me to help her with something every few minutes :’(

there are children running around my house and being loud and it’s making me v uncomfortable

oh by the way when i said that the kids were here earlier, i was wrong, i assumed that they had gotten here because the dog started barking like she usually does when people get home


the kids actually are here now

and they’re so fucking hyper

ah fuck the kids are here

My mom and stepdad are going to ride up to Virginia to pick up my stepsister’s kids at 3am tonight, rip in pieces you fucks.

i just realized that my mom hasn’t made any particularly homophobic comments (around me at least) or asked me about guys or relationships ever since i (rather angrily) came out to her as pan ???? !!!

god i just literally do not care anymore i’m done with being bummed about people’s lack of interest in me

i just want to get out of this fucking house oh my god

i just want to sleep for like a year i’m so tired of having nothing to do and no one to talk to

why are all of my favorite songs about love and relationships and what not like stop that

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